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Nursery Organisation

Learning Through Play


At Emmer Green Kindergarten, we believe that the best way for children to learn is through play and exploration. In the daily schedule of activities, we include a balance of adult led and child-initiated activities, so your child will be able to choose what they play with, the pace at which they do so and whether they play independently or with others.


The Nursery has five base groups, Babies (Willows), Pre Toddlers (Maples), Toddlers (Acorns) and Preschool (Chestnuts & Hollies), which have their own daily routines and dedicated and qualified staff. We also have our own outdoor area, which has a separate area for our non-walkers.

Willows and Maples: Children in Willows and Maples follow their own routine, and are provided with a stimulating and nurturing environment. Staff are highly experienced and qualified and spend time providing high quality care and learning experiences. Children experience daily outdoor play experiences. Willows caters for children aged 3mths to 24mths whilst Maples caters for children aged 12mths to 24mths.

Acorns: Each varied activity in the Toddler Room is considered a learning opportunity and above all, fun and stimulating. Toddlers are encouraged to enjoy early maths, develop their language skills, undertake creative play and learn to relax at story-time. Plus, your child's key person will also work closely with you to mirror the potty-training routine you use at home. This base room caters for children aged 24mths-3 years. Children have the opportunity to participate in outdoor play in the outdoor area on a daily basis.

Ratio = 1:3 for under 2’s and 1:5 for children aged 2-3years.


Chestnuts & Hollies: Children move through to the Preschool room around their 3rd birthday. Our aim within our Pre-School room is to ensure that your child is ready for school.

Our experienced and qualified staff, follow the key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. You can expect your child’s week to be full of learning experiences.

The type of teaching is enormously varied. We combine both adult led and child-initiated activities to encourage independent learning and motivate children to link together the areas of development.

Ratio = 1:4 for under 3’s and 1:8 for over 3’s.

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